General Delivery Services SA de CV (trading as Men’s Pharmacy) is registered under the laws of the Federal District of Mexico. So that we can provide you with the best information about products and services, we store data about the products and services that you have purchased. We also store your contact information so that we can fulfill delivery of any orders that you place.

We may share information with third parties such as our GMC (General Medical Council) registered doctors who we work with so that we can issue you with a private prescription. We will only share data necessary to perform our service to you and will take every reasonable precaution to protect it. We take precautions to protect your data by performing risk assessments and acting upon these. We never store your payment and credit card information.

Your information is never shared with third parties, only our staff and their associated healthcare professional partners. We never store your payment and credit card information.We do use cookies on our site and it may not work if you block cookies. We use cookies for Google analytics and Google re-marketing, and we also use cookies in order to test how various parts of our website are functioning.

Please note, phone calls to the pharmacy may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

Protecting Information

We use PCI compliant servers and firewalls to protect your data and perform regular security audits to maintain this security. There are also things you can do yourself to further protect your security.

  1. Change your password on a regular basis and always use unique passwords.
  2. Maintain up to date anti-virus software on your computer.
  3. Don’t save passwords to your account, especially on shared computers.
  4. Have a password lock, known only to yourself, to restrict access to your computer.
  5. Use unique passwords for your email account(s) and delete any emails you have read and actioned.
  6. Use private window or Incognito option on your browsers and check your security & privacy settings on your browser, paying particular attention to saving of websites visited.